Sabian AA SA21216B

Sabian AA SA21216B

  • Código del producto: China Mini
  • Diámetro: 12" (30,48 cm)
  • Aleación: B20 Bronce
  • Acabado: Brillante
  • Sonido: sustain corto
  • Producción: martilleado a máquina
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Sabian AA SA21216B · Plato-China

Sabian Cymbals combine energy with a bright musical sound. These basins bring movement into the band - at any volume, with powerful, rich sound and unmatched versatility.

Sabian AA cymbals are made ​​from 80% copper and 20% tin. The character of this series arises from the fact that each tank is individually cast. By rolling out the blanks in up to 8 different directions, the pool gets a very high flexibility.

Dome and vault are pressed with a printing press in the flat, round blank. Subsequently, the basin is being hammered by machine and turned by hand. Thus, each pool's individual sound qualities.

Plato-China · Sabian AA SA21216B

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