Sabian AAX SA25002XMPB

Sabian AAX SA25002XMPB

  • Identificación de artículo: Set Max Splash
  • Splash: 7" (17,78 cm)
  • Splash: 9" (22,86 cm)
  • Diámetro Splash 3: 11" (27,94 cm)
  • Acabado: Brillante
  • Aleación: B20 Bronce
  • Producción: martilleado a máquina
Nr. Art.: 4601581
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Sabian AAX SA25002XMPB · Juego de platos

Faster and more transparent sound! The basin of the Sabian AAX Series convince by their clarity at any volume, cleanliness and precise definition. They are the right choice for the drummer, the sound of both the maximum and the total control of his cymbal investigated.

Sabian AAX cymbals are to compare the production with the AA series. AAX cymbals have a special "wide impact" hammering, which allows a very bright, and sparkling clean sound.

The "Auto Focus Response 'ensures a wide dynamic range. This unique feature makes it extremely loud or extremely soft to play without disturbing overtones.

AAX cymbals are only "brilliant finish" and are polished to a shine.

Juego de platos · Sabian AAX SA25002XMPB

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