Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge

Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge

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  • Superfície de golpeo: Wenge
  • Cuerpo: Aliso
  • Medidas: 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Efecto caja: Técnica 2 en uno con 84 espirales
Nr. Art.: 100040679
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Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge · Cajón flamenco

The special feature of the Schlagwerk 2-in-One Cajon series is that you can make two different sound settings. Kill two birds with one stone if you will.

Sound One: modern
Inside the 2inOne Cajon are perfectly adjusted snare spirals which sit in a precisely defined angle to the the playing surface. When playing the sound spirals vibrate, controlled and thereby produce a modern snare Cajon sound.

Sound Two: traditional
The snare spirals can be removed very easily from the Cajon which then produces the traditional Cuban sound.

Cajón flamenco · Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe CP430 Wenge

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