Taylor BTO Dreadnought ES

  • Número de cuerdas: 6 cuerdas
  • Forma del cuerpo: Dreadnought
  • Cutaway: No
  • Construcción: Macizo
  • Color: Natural
  • Acabado: Polished Gloss / Satin Neck
  • Tapa armónica: Pícea Sitka
  • Fondo/Aros: Boj común (Boxwood)
  • Mástil: Caoba
  • Diapasón: Ébano
  • Inlays en el diapasón: Tropical Vine
  • Anchura de la cejilla: 44,5 mm
  • Cejilla: Hueso
  • Puente: Ébano
  • Herrajes: Gold Taylor Tuners
  • Cabeza: Koa Overlay
  • Roseta: Abalone
  • Ribete: Palisandro
  • Sistema pastillas: Taylor Dynamic Body & String Sensors
  • Sistema de electrificación: Sistema Taylor Expression
  • Particularidades: Taylor Custom Shop/ maderas de alta calidad
  • Volumen de entrega: Estuche
  • País de producción: Hecho en Estados Unidos
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Taylor BTO Dreadnought ES · Guitarra acústica

What does that actually mean BTO - Build to Order?
Imagine: a Taylor guitar that accurately and uniquely represents your personal dream guitar - designed by you and built by Taylor! Build to order is just that - a fusion of your passion for guitars and Taylor's passion for guitars. To realize these dreams, Taylor has set two basic principles:

The selection - Not just a couple of options that eventually add up to a modified standard model. You can create your Taylor design from scratch and from nearly 40 different categories with virtually unlimited combinations.

Short delivery times - Taylor thinks, that six months waiting time is too long. Taylor will try to deliver your guitar in half that time or even less.

The BTO program includes acoustic and electro-acoustic models, as well as nylon-stringed guitars and the T5. A comprehensive menu of options awaits you, including a selection of premium tonewoods that are not offered with Taylor-standard models. All woods used are hand-selected in the Taylor-warehouse. And because Taylor always buys fresh premium woods, the BTO menu is updated quarterly.
Then it goes to the details: What kind of wood for the headstock veneer and truss rod cover? Which wood for the neck, the fretboard? How wide? Which scale? Which design gets the headstock? There are 9 different binding options for the body, the fingerboard and the headstock and just as many designs for the sound hole decorations. Nearly 40 different inlays are available plus a choice of inlays for the headstock. Depending on your choice of timber a coloured or sunburst finish could be the icing on the cake...

A special team led by Taylor's guitar builders Chris Wellons and Joe Bina, will oversee the genesis of any BTO guitar. The woods are most carefully selected to meet the criteria you specified, and then carefully prepared for the working process. An organic process, connecting personal attention with high-tech precision.

We, as your Taylor dealer serve as your BTO design partner. We do have the BTO worksheets with all available options and extras, as well as the inlay guide and we will help you through all the specification categories. Once an order is received by them, Chris and Joe check out all the details to make sure everything works out just beautiful. If you want to immerse yourself deeply in the intricacies of ornamentation, or if you want to focus just on basics such as body shape and -wood and need our support - we and the Taylor BTO team will be happy to be at your service.

Guitarra acústica · Taylor BTO Dreadnought ES

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