Bad Cat Black Cat 15R
Amplificador guitarra eléctrica Bad Cat Black Cat 15RAmplificador guitarra eléctrica Bad Cat Black Cat 15R (2)

Bad Cat Black Cat 15R

  • Construcción: Válvula
  • Potencia: 15 vatios
  • Canales: 2
  • Equipamiento altavoces: 1 x 12"
  • Tipo de altavoz: Bad Cat Celestion Speaker
  • Regulación sonido: 2 x bajos, 2 x agudos, 1 x tono
  • Via inserción: Serial
  • Válvulas pre etapa: 4 x 12AX7, 1 x EF86
  • Válvulas etapa: 2 x EL 84
  • Efectos: Reverb
  • Impedancia: 4/8/16 ohmios
  • Particularidades: Válvulas rectificador GZ 34
  • Dimensiones: 470 x 610 x 267 mm
  • Peso: 28,12 kg
  • País de producción: Handwired in USA
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Bad Cat Black Cat 15R · Amplificador guitarra eléctrica

This is the one that started it all! The Black Cat's pedigree is well known. The amp of choice for countless arena acts. Huge chimey 3-D cleans and a sound so delicate yet ferocious when pushed. You have never heard lows like this come from an EL84 amp. The 12AX7 side gives lush sweet and complex mid-range that works from warm punchy cleans through tight crunchy growl. Engage the master volume and get the dirt at any level. Switch over to the EF86 and get a lesson in why the Black Cat is revered by so many diverse artists. Shimmering cleans that can be pushed lightly to fill the room with ghostly octaves and harmonics. Drive channel two a little harder and your sound goes into Class A nirvana. Note definition, highs that spray around the hall and a bottom end that never gets loose.

Amplificador guitarra eléctrica · Bad Cat Black Cat 15R

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