DW Collector 14  x 5,5

DW Collector 14" x 5,5"

  • Diámetro casco: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Profundidad del casco: 5-1/2" (13,97 cm)
  • Material casco: Titanium
  • Superfície casco: Pulido
  • Aro tensor: 3.0 Steel True Hoops
  • Tornillos afinación: 10
  • Herrajes: Níquel negro
  • Color: Black Ti
  • Particularidades: Diseño especialmente noble
  • Construcción casco: Laminado
  • País de producción: USA
  • Sistemas bordoneros: MAG throw-off system con 3P butt plate
  • Subcategoria: otras cajas
  • Bordonera: True Tone
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DW Collector 14" x 5,5" · Caja


The features of the top class series are as follows: Thin drum body with reinforcing straps achieve a more focused tone. Obtainable in almost any imaginable size. The classical round DW-Toms are used. The sets are available in three different finishes: Satin Oil, Finish ply, and high gloss.

Now to the features that are exclusively for the DW "Collector" series: the most important matter has to be "Timbre Matching". That a blank drum makes a sound when beaten is no sensation, but when the tones are named and stamped in the drum and each drum is chosen from (Major third to Fifths/quints) for shellsets is something special, and this is unique for DW. The idea behind this technique is, that a drum is only included within a shellset if its tone fits to the overall sound. Furthermore, when enlarging the shellset, it is possible to order a drum on the basis of its tonal language. Thus achieving an exact tonal alignment.
DW use a screw thread by the name of "True Pitch" in order to adjust the tone slightly. Do not underestimate the effect of this function...
A more precise and finer tuning is possible.

Caja · DW Collector 14" x 5,5"

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