DW Collector 14 x5,5  Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise)
Caja DW Collector 14 x5,5  Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise)Caja DW Collector 14 x5,5  Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise) (2)Caja DW Collector 14 x5,5  Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise) (3)Caja DW Collector 14 x5,5  Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise) (4)

DW Collector 14"x5,5" Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise)

  • Diámetro casco: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Profundidad del casco: 5-1/2" (13,97 cm)
  • Material casco: Arce
  • Superfície casco: Lacado
  • Aro tensor: Acero 2,3 mm
  • Tornillos afinación: 10
  • Herrajes: Cromo
  • Color: Solid Stave Oak
  • Particularidades: Construcción con aros de refuerzo
  • Capa exterior: Roble
  • Construcción casco: Impecablemente elaborado a partir de duelas de madera maciza
  • País de producción: USA
  • Sistemas bordoneros: Delta
  • Subcategoria: Casco de madera
  • Bordonera: True Tone
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DW Collector 14"x5,5" Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise) · Caja


The features of the top class series are as follows: Thin drum body with reinforcing straps achieve a more focused tone. Obtainable in almost any imaginable size. The classical round DW-Toms are used. The sets are available in three different finishes: Satin Oil, Finish ply, and high gloss.

Now to the features that are exclusively for the DW "Collector" series: the most important matter has to be "Timbre Matching". That a blank drum makes a sound when beaten is no sensation, but when the tones are named and stamped in the drum and each drum is chosen from (Major third to Fifths/quints) for shellsets is something special, and this is unique for DW. The idea behind this technique is, that a drum is only included within a shellset if its tone fits to the overall sound. Furthermore, when enlarging the shellset, it is possible to order a drum on the basis of its tonal language. Thus achieving an exact tonal alignment.
DW use a screw thread by the name of "True Pitch" in order to adjust the tone slightly. Do not underestimate the effect of this function...
A more precise and finer tuning is possible.

Caja · DW Collector 14"x5,5" Solid Stave Oak (Faßbauweise)

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