Fender 2  Roadworn, Brown
Correas guitarra/bajo Fender 2  Roadworn, BrownCorreas guitarra/bajo Fender 2  Roadworn, Brown (2)Correas guitarra/bajo Fender 2  Roadworn, Brown (3)Correas guitarra/bajo Fender 2  Roadworn, Brown (4)

Fender 2" Roadworn, Brown

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  • Material de la correa: Cuero
  • Color: Marrón
  • Motivo: Road Worn logo
  • Ancho de la cinta: aprox. 50 mm
  • máx. longitud: 125 cm
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Fender 2" Roadworn, Brown · Correas guitarra/bajo

Road Worn

The look and the feel of a well used guitar has always had a charm of its own. Until now there were only three possibilities of getting such a Fender: Be patient and keep playing your own Fender until it has the required look, pay a considerable amount for a "Custom Shop" relic or pay even more for an old original! Fenders new "Road worn" series now saves the inclined guitarists a lot of time and even more money. The body is varnished with nitrocellulose lacquer and is equipped with TexMex pickups. The fretboards use 6105 fretwire and give the guitars that sound and that feel, as if they have been on the road for years!

Correas guitarra/bajo · Fender 2" Roadworn, Brown

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