Fender Custom Shop 1963 Stratocaster Journeyman Relic SB

  • Número de serie: R82148
  • Color: Faded Shellpink
  • Construcción: Cuerpo sólido
  • Forma del cuerpo: Modelo Strat
  • Número de cuerdas: 6 cuerdas
  • Construcción mástil: Mástil atornillado
  • Número de trastes: 21
  • Longitud escala: 25,5" (64,77 cm)
  • Cuerpo: Aliso
  • Mástil: Arce
  • Diapasón: Palisandro
  • Inlays en el diapasón: Inlays Dot
  • Configuración de pastillas: S-S-S, 3x Singlecoil
  • Pastilla posición mástil: Fender Custom Shop Handwound '60s Strat
  • Pastilla posición intermedia: Fender Custom Shop Handwound '60s Strat RW/RP
  • Pastilla posición puente: Fender Custom Shop Handwound '60s Strat
  • Seleccionador de pastillas: Seleccionador de 5 vías
  • Reguladores: 1x Volume, 2x Tone
  • Puente/Trémolo: Trémolo Vintage
  • Herrajes: Cromo
  • Volumen de entrega: Estuche y set de accesorios
  • Peso: 3,43 kg
  • País de producción: Hecho en Estados Unidos
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Fender Custom Shop 1963 Stratocaster Journeyman Relic SB · Guitarra eléctrica

The most successful Fender Custom Shop products are the instruments from the Time Machine Series. Here you can find replicas of the guitars and basses, that made Fender legendary in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Depending on your taste, the instruments are optically aligned to their various vintage conditions. Relics look as if they had all the rigors of tour life subjected to them for years and accordingly show their many "scars". Closet Classics on the other hand represent instruments that have been treated more carefully and their age can be detected only because of paint cracks and minor flaws. NOS (New Old Stock) instruments are - if they were real - the dream of every collector. Like being untouched over the years still in original factory condition, so as new but also old.

Most Custom Shop instruments are "team built", which means that the guitar is built by a small team of 5 specialists. Each of these teams is headed by a masterbuilder, one of those grandmasters of wood who spend the bigger part of their time building so-called "masterbuilt" instruments, where the masterbuilder and he alone does all the work from scratch.

If you cannot find your dream Fender guitar in our range - no problem! Let the Custom Shop build it for you. This does not necessarily need to be more expensive than a regular custom shop instrument but will meet all your individual needs. Talk to us and we'll tell you what is possible...and for which price.

Guitarra eléctrica · Fender Custom Shop 1963 Stratocaster Journeyman Relic SB

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