G&L Tribute M-2000 Black MN

G&L Tribute M-2000 Black MN

  • Color: Negro
  • Construcción: Cuerpo sólido
  • Construcción mástil: Mástil atornillado
  • Número de cuerdas: 4 cuerdas
  • Número de trastes: 21
  • Medida: Escala larga
  • Longitud escala: 34" (86,36 cm)
  • Cuerpo: Tilo
  • Mástil: Arce
  • Diapasón: Arce
  • Inlays en el diapasón: Inlays Dot
  • Pastilla posición mástil: G&L MFD™ Humbucker
  • Pastilla posición puente: G&L MFD™ Humbucker
  • Tipo de pastillas: Soapbar
  • Seleccionador de pastillas: Regulador Blend
  • Electrónica sonido: EQ 3 bandas
  • Herrajes: Cromo
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G&L Tribute M-2000 Black MN · Bajo eléctrico

After Leo Fender left "MusicMan" , he founded the company G&L with George Fullerton as partner in 1980. The Company intended to make the world best electric guitars and basses. The company name is made up from the initial letters of both the company founders and read "George & Leo".
After Fullerton left the company in later years, Leo Fender changed the name to "Guitars by Leo".
After Leo Fender died in 1991, his wife decided to give the directorship to a company called "BBE Sound" under the leadership of John C.Mclaren.
Years before, Leo Fender had already negotiated with John Mclaren and was sure, that he would carry on with G&L as Fender would have done himself.The agreements also include, that George Fullerton has a constant position as an advisor and that his wife, Phyliss Fender, holds a position as a chief executive officer in the company, so that Leo Fenders integrity and spirit would stay as a reminder to the company.

Nowadays G&L carry on the produkion as Leo Fender himself would have done. Leo´s workplace, the epicenter of his creativity, was left as Leo had left it on his last day of work. His workplace has somewhat become a pilgrimage destination for people in the music business from all over the world.
The employees of G&L, his "family", still build his instruments with love, commitment and lots of skill. To emphasize G&L´s uniqueness and Leo Fenders philosophy, John Mclaren once said: "G&L will always be ready for changes. Leo Fender was always a symbol of change and evolution to the advantage of the musician. Prior to every intended change, we will always ask ourselfs "is this what Leo would have wanted?" If yes we will make the change, if not, we won´t. We always want the feeling, that Leo Fender would be proud of G&L today.

Bajo eléctrico · G&L Tribute M-2000 Black MN

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