InEar StageDiver SD-3
In Ear Monitor System InEar StageDiver SD-3In Ear Monitor System InEar StageDiver SD-3 (2)

InEar StageDiver SD-3

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InEar StageDiver SD-3 · In Ear Monitor System

InEar The ultimate, universal earphones! The development engineers have created an earphone that fits almost perfectly in each ear and is also externally hardly indistinguishable from a tailored system.

The basis for the housing design was created by digital "superposition" of more than 500 different ear impressions and the in-house prototype workshop.
Many wearing tests on a "living ear" contributed to refining the design. The final result is an earphone which blends in with the ear anatomy thanks to the housing form.

For optimal shielding in the ear canal, four different sized eartips are available in sizes XS - S - M - L.

In Ear Monitor System · InEar StageDiver SD-3

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