Ludwig Black Magic LW0814C

Ludwig Black Magic LW0814C

  • Diámetro casco: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Profundidad del casco: 8" (20,32 cm)
  • Material casco: Latón
  • Superfície casco: negro niquelado
  • Aro tensor: Acero 2,3 mm
  • Tornillos afinación: 10
  • Herrajes: Cromo
  • Color: Níquel negro
  • Accesorios: Llave de afinación
  • Subcategoria: Casco de latón
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The Ludwig concept of a black nickel plated snare brass shell was introduced in the early 1920s and has since then set the standard for making this type of snare drum. The Black Magic series, as a further development of this particular sound with a wider sound range and quality has absolutely opened up new standards for any situation on the stage, in the studio or in the rehearsal room. They can be used variably in every style. Blackmagic Snares, fitted with resonance-receptive "tube lugs" and classic lighter Ludwig snare lifter which delivers sensitive Snare sounds for all drummers who are looking for their sound character with unforgettable and unique Ludwig sound.

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