Paiste PST 7 17  Crash

Paiste PST 7 17" Crash

  • Código del producto: Crash
  • Diámetro: 17" (43,18 cm)
  • Aleación: Bronce especial CuSn8
  • Acabado: Regular
  • Grosor: medio
  • Sonido: Espectro de sonidos muy equilibrado con agudos suaves y brillantes y Sustain corto
  • Producción: martilleado a máquina
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Paiste PST 7 17" Crash · Plato-Crash

With the PST7 series another series of popular entry-level cymbals arrives on the market. All PST7 cymbals are turned in the Paiste production site in Switzerland. Fine turned and evenly hammered by hand and deliberately not polished so as to maintain their traditional acting Glossy Matt.

Paiste want to serve as many musical styles as possible with the PST7 series and therefore classifies its HiHats, Crashes and Rides in three weight categories. The thin Thin and Light cymbals are particularly well suited for quieter music and Unplugged concerts. The medium-thick cymbal without additional thickness designation are reliable all-rounder for almost all kinds of music, as long as it is not extremely QUIET eg. acoustic jazz or really loud. The heavy version is designed for rock, hard rock and metal.

Plato-Crash · Paiste PST 7 17" Crash

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