Roland 521 Synthesizer Dual VCF System 500

Roland 521 Synthesizer Dual VCF System 500

  • Sintetizador analógico (modular)
  • Formato Eurorack
  • Subcategoria: Modul/Expander
  • Tamaño (ancho x alto x fondo): 81 x 129 x 58 mm
  • Peso: 203 g
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Roland 521 Synthesizer Dual VCF System 500 · Sintetizador

Roland System 500 Series analog synthesizer modules are based on the famous predecessors SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M, two of the most iconic electronic instruments of all time. The SYSTEM-500 is in the now current Eurorack format and includes multiple oscillators, filters and effects, all incorporated in a special hard case and equipped with high quality patch cables. The Roland SYSTEM-500 series synthesizer is ideal if you want to have your first modular synthesizer or as a starter kit for later larger Eurorack Modular Systems. The SYSTEM-500 is designed and manufactured in the USA and contains high-quality components and designed with great attention to detail. It combines the classic sound and operating character of Roland Modular synthesizers with the technical advantages of a modern instrument of today. Due to the low price, the dream of owning a modular Synthesizer can be fulfilled for many!

Sintetizador · Roland 521 Synthesizer Dual VCF System 500

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