Roland Cube-10GX
Amplificador guitarra eléctrica Roland Cube-10GXAmplificador guitarra eléctrica Roland Cube-10GX (2)Amplificador guitarra eléctrica Roland Cube-10GX (3)Amplificador guitarra eléctrica Roland Cube-10GX (4)Amplificador guitarra eléctrica Roland Cube-10GX (5)

Roland Cube-10GX

(3 Valoración)
  • Construcción: Modeling
  • Potencia: 10 vatios
  • Canales: 3
  • Equipamiento altavoces: 1 x 8"
  • Regulación sonido: Graves/medios/agudos
  • Efectos: Procesador de efectos
  • Dimensiones: 34,6 x 31,7 x 17,9 (ancho x alto x fondo)
  • Peso: 4,7 kg
  • País de producción: Hecho en China
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Roland Cube-10GX · Amplificador guitarra eléctrica

The Roland Cubes were the first practice amp with amp modeling, and they have a stunning success story behind them: from its introduction in 2002 until early 2009, it sold a million units worldwide! unbelievable! The recipe for success: Fantastic sound, thanks to custom speakers, all the classic sounds with a lot of amp and effects stompboxes, simple operation and best workmanship.

Now Roland has set itself a few more goals! From the CUBE X is the XL series - each model gets a lot of amps and effects! There are also new features like the "EXTREME" amp modeling and the "HEAVY OCTAVE" effect for the toughest and deepest metal riffs, 80 second looper, vintage spring reverb modeling, solo booster, "tuning fork" function, and more . Incredibly, despite the additional features and consistently high production quality the price has been lowered significantly for all models!

The new XL CUBE amps will make sure that the CUBE success story continues!!

Amplificador guitarra eléctrica · Roland Cube-10GX

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