Yamaha MGP16X
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Yamaha MGP16X

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  • Característica principal: Consola de 16 canales
  • Entradas: 8 x micrófono XLR / Jack línea; 2 x micrófono XLR / Jack línea estéreo y 2 x Jack línea estéreo
  • Entradas: Para canales mono
  • Canal EQ Mono/estéreo: 3 bandas; medios semiparamétricos / 3 bandas fijas
  • AUX Envío/Estéreo Retorno: 2 x pre, 2 x post / 1
  • Subgrupos: 2 x estéreo
  • Regulador de Volumen - Canal: Fader de 60 mm
  • Salidas: 2 salidas XLR asimétricas/ 2 jack 6,3 mm
  • Efectos: 2 multiefectos digitales; 2 x 16 Presets Hall y Delay
  • Particularidades: Compresor en los canales mono
  • Medidas: 143 x 447 x 495 mm
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Yamaha MGP16X · Mesa de mezclas

Digital heart. Analog soul.

The MG series mixing consoles are very popular and not just for live bands and DJs. They are already used for an impressive range of different applications from portable PA to fixed installations. With digital functions and superior sound of the MGP current mixers the possibilities reach virtually to infinity.

In 1972 Yamaha's first professional mixer console, the PM200 was released. and in 1997 the first digital mixer DMP7 appeared. And as it happens 40 years after the PM200 and 25 years after the DMP7 Yamaha followed up these occasions with the release of the MGP mixers. A groundbreaking new range which will takes a leading role under the compact professional mixers.

With decades of experience in the production of innovative, high performance analog devices, the class A mic preamps were originally developed for use in our high-end recording equipment. The enhanced D-PRE mic preamps are based on an inverted Darlington circuit and provide a rich, full and smooth sound. the MGP Series class stands out clearly against the competition in the compact mixer class. With the proprietary X-pressive EQ technology, the secret was cracked behind the sound coveted analog EQ modules and achieved an absolutely authentic sound.

The innovative aspect of this compact console is the way digital technology is used in an analog mixer. From the warm, musical analog sound to high-resolution effects, iPod / iPhone integration and the superior functionality of the stereo hybrid channels.

Consequently both worlds were involved or even united In the MGP Series. Digital and analog brought in an unprecedented sound character. They represent the heart and soul of Yamaha's exceptional achievements in the professional audio segment.

Mesa de mezclas · Yamaha MGP16X

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