Yamaha Silent Brass SB5X
Silent Brass Set Yamaha Silent Brass SB5XSilent Brass Set Yamaha Silent Brass SB5X (2)Silent Brass Set Yamaha Silent Brass SB5X (3)

Yamaha Silent Brass SB5X

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Yamaha Silent Brass SB5X · Silent Brass Set

The current Yamaha Silent brass generation offers more playing pleasure at any given time. The Silent Brass System consists of a smaller, lighter damper with almost natural blow resistance and the Personal studio (signal converter), which has Yamaha's exclusive Brass Resonance Modeling technology. The innovative Brass Resonance Modeling technology brings playing with dampers to a whole new level, giving the player an authentic and natural playing feel. The sound is recorded via the microphone in the damper, turned into sound by brass resonance modeling, as it normally comes without a damper from the sound cup and transmitted to the player via headphones, as if without damper were played. Connect your personal studio to an audio player or smartphone, and let your favorite music accompany you.

German Design Awards

The Yamaha SILENT Brass is the winner of the "German Design Award 2016" and was awarded the "Excellent Product Design" category. The German Design Award honours innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, who are leading the way in the German and international design landscape.

Silent Brass Set · Yamaha Silent Brass SB5X

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